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We calculate air pollution by measuring light. To obtain proper measurements, we devised a stabilisation system. This system exists of both a servo and a reaction wheel. First, a YPR sensor measures the position and orientation of the can, which is compared to the sun’s position. In the case of a deviation, the stabilisation system starts working. Together, these sensors and motors will always direct the spectrometer, which measures the light, toward the sun. CanSat measures temperature and air pressure as well. Once the data has been collected, it allows for the calculation of light absorption. The more air pollution, the greater the absorption will be. As such, we can measure air pollution over altitude – anywhere on Earth.

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How we made a satellite out of a can...

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Our idea

The idea behind our CanSat is to be able to measure pollution in the air at different altitudes. We have created this small can of electronics that does this all, and even sends the collected data to the ground. We collect this data, run it through some calculations, and get a view of the air pollution. We can achieve this by only measuring the light. Thanks to this idea, we won the Dutch CanSat competition and we will be competing in the European competition from June 27th until July 1st!

Our mission

We have created our CanSat with the goal of being able to measure light pollution using a spectrometer, which measures light intensity. With the light intensity data, the pollution values are calculated, and conclusions can be made about how polluted the air the CanSat flew in is.

Our vision

We want to help getting clear view of air pollution over altitude all over the world.

With our CanSat it is easy to measure pollution anywhere in the world with just this small piece of equipment. We hope we can broaden the use of our project to the point where it can be used anywhere to easily detect any pollution at any altitude. With the knowledge gained from this, it will become easier to deal with climate changes.

How it works

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Team introduction

CanX Team Floris


Floris is the wizzkid of the bunch. The technical designer and electrotechnical engineer. Building, programming, always improving, developing and renewing. Twenty four hours in a day are not enough. The twinkle in his eyes, when he talks about the CanSat project says it all.

CanX team Oscar


The silent type, the writer of the team, gathering knowledge about the CanSat project is his strength. He knows what he is talking about. He is the number man. Interpreting and processing the data is right up his alley.

CAnX Team Jeroen


The technical designer, designing the Can is, next to flying, his passion. It is wonderfull to see that every design is more beautiful and more ingenious. Start with a lemonade can, progressing to multipal PLA 3D prints, ending with a powder print.

CanX Team Marnix


The quiet strength. A down to earth kind of guy. He is the creative brain behind the reaction wheels. A man with a solution for every problem. He is the press officer, the antenna man and fills in where ever neccesary.

CanX Team Maud


A small but tough lady. She’ll gets the message out, in no way inferior to her tall team members. Multimedia and promotion is her portfolio(business). She maintains the company contacts and an additional strength is asking questions no one else dares to ask.

CanX Team Aernout


Aernout is the physics and NLT(Nature, Living and Technology) teacher. He is the inspirator, motivator and motor behind this team. Aernout has the ability to let them make the extra mile and more. He keeps them on their toes. His strength is to explain theoretical physics through practical examples.

CanX Team Rian


Rian is a technical education assistant at the Gerrit Komrij College. As a result she is closely involved with all the students of the CanX team. The team feels at home in ‘her’ science laboratory. She is the maternal figure of the bunch, taking care of meals and treats during long meetings. She makes sure that the gentlemen leave the laboratory tidy. She tries to remove any worries so that the CANX team can focus on their tasks.   

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